Keen on being a responsible and caring corporate citizen in its business ecosystem, NCSB introduced the NURI programme – a multi-phase three-year programme that is aimed at empowering rural communities in Malaysia by using mobile broadband as an enabler.

NURI Programme

The NURI programme effectively places NCSB as the 1st tower company in Malaysia to implement such an initiative.

NCSB plans to achieve its objective through three criteria:

Increase the income of selected rural communities through the mobile economy

Utilise mobile apps in assisting the transformation of rural areas to uplift their well-being

Instill responsible Internet usage to promote lifelong learning and skills enhancement

In the first phase of the programme, NCSB partnered with five partners - Malaysian app developers Car Bengkel, Ezyhaul, Living Space, My Homestay Malaysia and the Telecommunications Engineering College (TEC) - to implement and accelerate the NURI programme, a rural empowerment initiative.

Set to be rolled out in three phases throughout a 36-month plan, the NURI programme will be implemented around 200 villages in 80 locations nationwide.