Naza Communications Sdn Bhd or NCSB is an up and coming specialist Information Technology and Telecommunications Services Provider in the country with industry-leading capacity to plan, build, improve, support and manage related infrastructure.

About NAZA Communications

The privately held telecommunications infrastructure company of the Naza Group of Companies in Malaysia has proven to deliver and modernise telecommunications network infrastructure in a holistic and integrated manner that has quickly earned it market trust and acceptance in a short span of time.

NCSB’s success is based on the basic premise of providing superior engineering, design and solutions that answer the demands of the telecommunications industry, as well as benefit Malaysia’s entire telecommunications ecosystem by tapping into its areas of expertise and strength of professionals.


Licensed under the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 (CMA) as authorised Network Facilities Provider and Network Services Provider as defined under the CMA 1998, NCSB has a growing portfolio of assets in the telecommunications space that includes approximately 300 cell sites – a combination of towers and micro cell sites for a large number of telco and non-telco clients.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, NCSB’s presence can be increasingly seen across the country, with many regional offices set up to address these respective markets. International expansion is not far from its sight too.


The Reference Access Offer (RAO) is published herein pursuant to the Commission Determination on the Mandatory Standard on Access issued by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of the Naza Group of Companies, NCSB believes in delivering superior value to its business ecosystem and stakeholders. As such, it holds on to a holistic, integrated and innovative approach to serve the industry and has clear and forward-looking Vision and Mission for the company, in addition to embodying the core values of the group in its operations.

Core Values


Since its inception, NCSB has been diligent in steadfastly growing its list of clienteles and expanding its network coverage in Malaysia. Today, NCSB proudly connects more than 80% of the country with its myriad selection of tower and connectivity technologies.

Achievements – Wins, Partnerships & Such

At NCSB, the team strives to make its presence felt in the telecommunications and tower industry by being innovative and bullish in its go-to-market approach and over the years has charted these significant milestones.


  • Established Naza Communications Sdn Bhd (NCSB)
  • Obtained NFP license from MCMC
  • First customer win – Maxis Communications Bhd
  • First 24 metre tower erected in the southern region of Malaysia


  • Obtained NSP license from MCMC
  • First partnership with local council – DBKL
  • First fibre rollout for Naza TTDI, followed by Nusmetro Group residential tower and Platinum Tower
  • First win under MCMC Universal Service Provider (USP) fund T1 for second phase


  • First state partnership with Perak
  • Second win under MCMC USP fund
  • 100th tower successfully built by NCSB


  • Appointed as Telco Specialist for Majlis Perbandaran Selayang, Kuala Lumpur (Selayang City Council)
  • Launched NCSB’s first Corporate Citizenship Programme – NURI

Board of Directors

A source of its strength and guidance, the highly visionary board of the Naza Group of Companies is behind much of the success of NCSB in gaining market traction in a relatively short span of time.

SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin

Group Executive Chairman / CEO,
Naza Corporation Holdings

SM Faliq SM Nasimuddin

Deputy Executive Chairman,
Naza Corporation Holdings

Dato’ Jasmy Ismail

Director and Chairman of Audit Committee,
Naza Communications Sdn Bhd

Leadership Team

It is all in the execution; the corporate executives of NCSB spearhead the strategy and execution of the holistic, integrated and innovative approach of the team in delivering telecommunications infrastructure solutions and services to the telecommunications industry.

Health, Safety & Environment

As it takes great care and pride in executing projects, NCSB strictly adheres to the best practices and highest industry standards where health, safety and the environment are concerned. It has an OSHA policy in place to ensure every stakeholder’s wellbeing is taken care of by the company.