With a diverse range of solutions and services, NCSB is your best bet where communications is involved. The ideal solution done with superior engineering and expertise, at the quickest possible deployment time, NCSB is the only technology partner you need.

Build Connections

NCSB makes the connections between man, machines and networks possible. With wireless technology solutions and its multi-tenant leasing model, NCSB’s strategically located communications sites throughout the country bridge communication gaps - connecting and keeping people, businesses and industries going.

Take You On Air

A holistic, innovative and integrated provider, NCSB has sites all over the country that supports the network needs of a wide range of telco and no-telco customers in the country, by extending their reach and capacity. NCSB’s sites are ready for cellular and wireless, radio and television broadcast, microwave and two-way radio communications equipment.

Heed Your Needs

Towers are not always the solution you are looking for where network connectivity is concerned. With this in mind, NCSB offers a number of alternative solutions for in-building and outdoor environments, where towers are not available. No matter where you are, NCSB keeps you and your business connected.

Do It Right

Being part of a reputable conglomerate like the Naza Group of Companies means NCSB values its commitment to the communities it operates in. Understanding a unity of purpose as one of its Core Value, NCSB exercises great teamwork in discharging its duties with integrity, transparency and accountability.

Answer Market Growth Demand

With the exponential growth of mobile phones, hunger for more content and highly mobile societies around the world, NCSB is more than ready to seize this change. As more sites are needed, NCSB has ramped up its product portfolio to stay ahead of this digital connectivity explosion.

Digital Connectivity Solutions At Its Best

Connecting and weaving communications amongst communities and businesses around the country, NCSB has products and services to answer your mobile communications and connectivity needs throughout the country.


In addition to building tower infrastructures, NCSB has a broad portfolio of diverse range of towers with a multiple tenant leasing model offering. It offers both wireless and broadcast tower networks.

  • Wireless

    Its collocation-friendly towers allow customers to expand their telecommunications coverage. And if there is a need, it also has a Build-to-Suit solution for newer tower building.

  • Broadcast

    NCSB offers cost-effective and customised solutions for telco and non-telco clients to have optimal coverage for their services, especially where collocation is involved.


Working with asset owners, NCSB increases network coverage and capacity at managed rooftops, billboards and other tall structures across the country.


For challenging environments where towers are not feasible, NCSB offers in-building and outdoor DAS.

  • For in-building DAS, it has systems that enable property owners to install wireless, non-intrusive structures that support all service providers.
  • For outdoor, NCSB offers turnkey solutions for a cost-effective coverage solution.


With WiFi connectivity now becoming a necessity instead of a privilege, this is an additional solution NCSB offers to customers for fast and robust connectivity in your facilities.

Small / Micro Cells

This completes NCSB’s comprehensive network deployment, where it offers targeted capacity relief solutions that are cost-effective to complement existing wireless network.


Backup power solutions; turnkey project management; site selection and application management; leasing operations, engineering, network operations, regulatory compliance, and landlord and customer relations; in addition to customised solutions for customers of different industries - NCSB is able to provide these services.

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Landowners’ Trusted Partner

In order to offer its holistic, innovative and integrated telecommunications services to the market, NCSB works closely with landowners, who host its communication sites. Fostering a mutually beneficial relationship, NCSB and landowners stand to gain from this symbiotic relationship, where landowners have access to financial opportunities by allowing NCSB to provide its solutions to customers.

Tower Leaseholders

NCSB does it right with its leaseholders, where it listens and addresses any issues and concerns of landowner. Whether it is for any queries at all, selling your land to NCSB or extending your lease, or even selling your land to a third party, NCSB will be there at every step of the way.

Prospective Leaseholders

If landowners are interested to lease their land for communications site development, NCSB will give these locations due consideration by researching the location’s viability in this respect. It will discuss the possibilities of the said site for utilisation either for current needs or future considerations.

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Enhance Asset Value

In a slow-to-change tower industry, new sources of property revenue can be hard to unlock. With NCSB’s help, tower/asset owners can explore new sources of property revenue as it enhances the assets’ market value to telco players, companies and organisations who are on the look out for wireless market expansion. Thanks to its industry know-how and superior product and market knowledge, NCSB can use this expertise to manage network development projects and the asset leases. You are more than a contract to NCSB – you are our lifeline.

Tower Owners

Eager and committed to its customers’ network needs, NCSB constantly is on a look out to grow its portfolio of towers with a range of options and locations for wireless network optimization needs. NCSB welcomes acquisition opportunities of existing towers, or even to work with other tower owners and developers to market and manage their assets to achieve greater returns from their assets.

Building Owners

In a bid to offer choice to customers for their wireless communications network optimization needs, NCSB strives to work with commercial property owners to market their buildings to customers, especially in densely populated and developed areas or areas with strict zoning regulations. While it helps building owner to manage the collocation process, customers get to optimise their networks with other connectivity technologies, where tower infra is not possible. A win-win situation for all.

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