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   Our Infrastructure

Build Connections.

With a diverse range of solutions and services, NCSB is your best bet where communications is involved. The ideal solution done with superior engineering and expertise, at the quickest possible deployment time, NCSB is the only technology partner you need.


NCSB makes the connections between man, machines and networks possible. With wireless technology solutions and its multi-tenant leasing model, NCSB’s strategically located communications sites throughout the country bridge communication gaps - connecting and keeping people, businesses and industries going.


A reliable solution that’s important for the future.

Cell towers are known for ushering in the modern mobile phone era, but they are also playing a large role in the future of networks. They are the most established type of communications infrastructure, and are still the most reliable way to deliver critical wireless coverage. That includes voice and data signals, of course, but increasingly, wireless broadband, TV, radio signals and more. Towers are also being used as centralized hubs to communicate with remote networks of transmitters, monitors and other devices—giving them new importance for the future as Internet of Things (IoT) technologies advance.

  Structure Types


Large structures for transmission hub sites and urban sites


Medium structures for urban sites

24m & 30m

Standard structures for dense urban sites

15m & 18m

Standard poles for street level coverage

 In-Building Solutions (IBS)

A dependable indoor connectivity.

We offer a dedicated mobile service for indoor environments such as offices, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, transport & logistic hubs, stadiums, sports arenas, convention centres, commercial hubs, universities & hotels.

IBS offers :

  • Reliable connectivity to mobile users when moving indoors
  • The capability to meet the demands of mobile high-speed data and voice services
  • Mobile Network Operators delivering the promise of high quality and dedicated mobile coverage with excellent quality of experience.

The dedicated indoor mobile network coverage can increase speed, user capacity, improve mobile performance and lower latency – ensuring a seamless mobile connectivity with superior mobile user experience within a building.

The IBS implemented for mobile and wireless networks can serve as an enabler platform for buildings and smart initiatives application.

 Smart Multipurpose Lamp Pole
& Smart Structures

Street level distributed housing solutions.

Our Smart Multipurpose Lamp Poles enable Mobile Network Operators to meet both coverage and capacity requirements in dense urban locations. These structures are lower in height compared to traditional towers and have minimal impact to the aesthetics of its’ surroundings. Additional space on our lamp poles for CCTV cameras, digital advertising screen and weather monitoring sensors make them perfect solutions for smart city developments.

Our lamp poles can be tailor-made to blend in with existing street poles at your network deployment locations!