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Let’s bring tomorrow’s change, today.

Exciting new technologies are erasing the boundaries that separate people, places and ideas. As your business contributes to the advancement of the world around us, we know the unique challenges you face.

When you partner with us, you’ll get access to our deep experience across a variety of industries as well as our unique portfolio of towers, small cells and fiber. We’ll work closely with you to develop solutions that are tailored to your particular goals—building on our relationships with municipalities, technology companies and other service providers to help you seamlessly coordinate and cut through the complexities of your toughest challenges. We’ll help transform your business today, for a smarter tomorrow.


  Build to suit

We’re mindful that our product catalogue may not always match your specific needs. Perhaps you need coverage in a particular location, with specific requirements? Rest assured; we are here to meet those requirements in partnership with you.

“We aim to build best-in-class solutions, speedy deployment & maintain a quality infra asset at the request of Mobile Network Operators, leveraging our in-house experience in site acquisition, zoning and construction.”

  • At every step, our goal is to deliver reliable services. Similar to co-locating, building new infrastructure with us allows you to potentially lease your towers to other providers.
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Our shared infrastructure model allows telecommunications businesses to expand networks quicker and at reduced cost.

Leasing space on one of our existing towers is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way of getting a site on air.

Access the best sites on prime performance locations, save significantly on new-build capital expenditures, and skip the headache.

It’s already been done!  

Our Customers

Site Management & Development

Site management & development.

We offer property owners and landlords a comprehensive selection of professional site marketing and management services. With one of the most experienced site leasing teams in the industry, you can be confident that your site will be leased to Mobile Network Operators with minimal fuss and maximum efficiency.  

Feel free to reach out to us at or contact us at +603 7455 6340

We also offer Mobile Network Operators and Wireless Service Providers assistance with developing your own networks.   

  • We provide an end-to-end service which includes tower design, site acquisition, obtaining relevant permit approvals, construction and maintenance of towers.

 In-Building Solutions

In-Building solutions.

The growing number of mobile devices and connections inside buildings highlights the importance of understanding the nature of in-building network connectivity, particularly mobile wireless connectivity.  

Mobile devices are the primary source of connectivity for most people and, increasingly, for things (i.e. the internet of things and machine-to-machine). As the wireless industry evolves toward 5G, indoor mobile communication will become even more prevalent.

  • Our in-building solutions provide fully managed infrastructure solutions needed to deliver the best possible mobile wireless experience throughout any building.

We partner with Mobile Network Operators and Wireless Service Providers to equip your building with high quality, secure and seamless wireless coverage. Through our expertise in designing and engineering scalable mobile infrastructure, we can tailor a solution to meet your current requirements as well as future proofing your buildings for the next generation of mobile technologies.